On track

Despite being in a tiny overflow ICU room waiting for a hospital bed (all beds are taken, apparently not uncommon here), Sandi is hitting her milestones. She was just cleared for a liquid diet – yay veggie broth from “Nourishment”. She still gets tired quickly, goes in and out of being in significant discomfort, and needs frequent naps.

Thanks for all the prayers, messages, texts and calls. As one of her friends wrote: “there are literally hundreds of people in the room with her”. I couldn’t agree more – that’s exactly how it’s felt on this side. I expect she will be well enough to update you directly soon so I’ll let her take it from here.

Sortie #2 – Wednesday

Sortie #3 – Thursday

Yay Veggie Broth …

… possibly from the department of “Nourishment”. No sign of it on Yelp.

26 thoughts on “On track”

  1. This is such great news. I eagerly await MORE good news. Sending lots of love and strength. And your friend is right Sandi, there are HUNDREDS of us there, from near and far, right there with you! ❤

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  2. You are doing amazing, of course what would we all expect from Wonder Woman. We are still praying for you Sandi and the whole family. I will be glad when you are released and home again. Love Jane

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  3. Praying and thinking of you all everyday. So grateful that the surgery went so smoothly and that Sandi’s indomitable spirit and love of friends and family are pushing her towards recovery. Kudos to you Sacha and the girls for being her pillars. XO

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  4. Thanks for the updates Sacha. We’ll keep the prayers, good wishes and virtual hugs going to Sandi, you and the girls! Sandi is definitely an inspiration to us all!

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  5. Sandi, it is no surprise that you are knocking this out of the park. I’m so proud of you and am overjoyed to hear all this great news. 💜

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  6. This is fantastic. While I expected things outside of ordinary progress, this lady leaves all my expectations behind. This level of strength, courage and determination is just impossible to believe or imagine. Go, Sandi! Tons of hugs, good wishes, positive energy and preyers.

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  7. Sandi, we all watch in awe. You (and your family) are an inspiration with your strength and positive attitude. Hugs, kisses, positive thoughts and prayers from LA!

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  8. This news overwhelms my heart ❤️ Sending continued strength, love and light to you all— what an amazing team to support the most amazing woman! Here’s to even more wonderful moments of strength and continued progress in the next few days! Go Team Adam! 💪❤️

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