Mid Morning Update: Stable

Scottie, an OR nurse with no Scottish accent detected, calls us every couple of hours with an update. Here are the two from this morning:

  • 850am: First incision.
  • 1130am: Stable condition … “boring … which is exactly what we want at this point” … No organs out yet … surgeons are exploring the area, getting it prepped … “it’s going to be a long day”.

The doctors told us at the start of the day that Sandi will most likely be admitted to the ICU given the extent of the surgery so that she gets close monitoring. We are all for micromanagement and precautionary measures.

We parked ourselves at the entrance of the cafeteria, which means we get to see when the OR staff need nutrition. I’m tempted to follow them around and point out healthy options that enhance focus and performance. “Pizza, dude? Really?”.

Thanks for your texts, comments, good vibes, thoughts and prayers. They mean so much to us.

Sandi’s friend Minchi at 530am. 


The fam stalking OR staff in front of the cafeteria.


Dr Rich dishing out snacks and expertise. 


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