Don’t read this

But of course that made you read it, right?…just posting because I need two posts in order to have a subscribe option on this site. See, told you not to read it…

11 thoughts on “Don’t read this”

  1. Only Sandi could write something so difficult and make me giggle and leak at the eyes simultaneously. Brilliant, I tell you! I hope you feel a our arms wrapped around you and ready to take this on with you. Prayers have started, and Bill and I are at your service. Love you, Sandi!

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  2. Carol updated me at our tournament on Saturday, she was strong for you in explaining your “ailment” and Maddie played great, thought you’d want to know. I never would have guessed this about your “flu” from Africa as you called it, as I worked with Audrey, who is improving her approach by the way, on Friday night, and Sacha never gave anything but a smiling face. yes run-on-sentence.

    I’m not much of a cook and at dinner time I’m at the gym, but I’ve asked Carol to let me know how I may help with meals etc. (will definitely be take-out) Keep your blanket wrapped tightly around you Sandi.

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  3. Linda just updated me and sent me the link to your blog. We are thinking of you guys. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to help out at any point. Stay strong – you’re going to kick sarcoma’s a**!!

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  4. This seriously sucks. I hate cancer so much. But the one thing I’ve learned when it touched my family’s lives so cruelly, is that having a “team” around you is the only way to get through it. Accept help, don’t worry about saying thanks, let people bring you food, or walk your dog, or drive your kids. It may feel to you like you are being a burden to them but I can guarantee that the people around you that adore you feel helpless and doing things for your family and you is one way they can participate in your journey with you. I wish I was closer to bring you brownies…or wine. But I will cheer you on or cry with you from Chicago!

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  5. What a terrible thing to deal with but I couldn’t have any more confidence in someone being able to fight this thing than I do in you. You’ve got this Sandi! Sending you so much love. xoxo

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  6. Sandi, I am shocked to read your post. I know you have the strength to beat this, and a wonderful family supporting you along the way. I’m thinking about you and sending all my love.

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  7. Sending you so much love Sandi. You’ve got this…. We are here for you for whatever you, Sacha and the kids need. We’ll come have a glow stick sleepover when you’re up for it! xoxo

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  8. Dear Sandi, thank you so much for the blog, such a good, brave and appropriate way to confront the situation. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, first and foremost of course, but also for Sacha and the girls.

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